Friday, 26 August 2016

Last sketches of Powassan

This is the memorial park in Powassan. The local people who lost their life in both world wars and Korea are memorialised here. 
I sketched here the morning before leaving Canada.  It's been a very warm summer!

This is the Anglican Church which is next door to the park above.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Living room at home


It's been a hot, dry summer but after three weeks at home, the rain arrived.  I sketched the living room due to inclement weather preventing me getting out.  My father did not want to be in the sketch so I did him quickly while he was reading, then worked on the rest of the room.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Lions Park, Powassan

The Lions Park is a recreational area in our town.  It includes a large area for ice skating and hockey, baseball diamond, tennis court, playground and outdoor pool.  I sketched the pool from a hill overlooking it. It was a hot day but there weren't that many kids enjoying it.

The creek forms one border of the park.  In my childhood we were often down there catching polly wogs, minnows and crayfish. I sketched the scene below from under the bridge, surrounded by wildflowers,.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Cottage, Trout Lake


I have known this cottage for most of my life, first belonging to my aunts and now my cousins.  It is one of the original summer cottages, now many have been torn down and year round homes built.  It's on Trout Lake, one of two lakes in North Bay.  Trout Lake is the smaller lake and historically was part of the fur trading route in early settlement. 
The city of North Bay obtains drinking water from this source.

There are a number of smaller buildings besides the main cottage on the site.  The small building seen on the right was the original sauna.  There is also a small sleeping cottage, a tool shed and of course the dunny with a moon cut out of the door.
Many lovely memories for our family at this cottage!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Home interiors


It has been so hot in Ontario that I spent some time sketching indoors.  The room above is my parent's dining room, the scene of many family dinners.

Mom found the chairs in her parent's home.  They are dated 1956, the year Mom and dad were married.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sheds and metal

This is the trestle railway bridge in town. To my right is a lovely creek in a deep ravine.  Through the rusty girders you can see a few businesses on the other side.
This building used to be the carriage house for the local doctor RH Dillane.  His son was also a doctor and  practised here when I was a child. 

This very cute square shed has been part of the town's landscape for many years. It used to have a weathervane on top.  When sketching it the owner came out and said his wife had instructed him to  demolish it as it wasn't safe.  Worth saving in my eyes.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Doors and views at home

It's always good to hang around home and sketch a very familiar environment. I've been drawing the views from doors but the above sketch  is of our side door, the most used entrance and exit.  The white door is screened and we would slam it coming in, our mother yelling, don't slam the door.

This is a view of part of my parent's garden from the back deck. I am fond of the White Pines in a neighbour's yard on right side of sketch.

I sat on the front step to sketch this one, looking up the street. There was a bit of work going on, a digger was involved but was too quick to be sketched. The United church is at the top of the street and that green building used to be where the local paper was published.